building area
architects of transformation
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6829 sq. m.
Kyiv region

Learning centre (library) – a new type of space with a high ceiling is added to the first floor. Next to the busy and noisy entrance area, it offers more quiet and contemplative space, where one can do homework, read or have a quiet conversation. The space creates a new connection between big hall and the rest of the school (including disability access).


Corridors of the classrooms wing (block) are articulated with new furniture to create both more active and quieter areas. New openings are created between the floors and playful connections are created to promote physical activity (climbing ramp and net). Different recesses are designed to sit alone or with friends away from the hustle and bustle. An “inhabited wall” is planned between classrooms and corridors for lockers, seating and ventilation ducts.

New simple activators are added to the courtyard – places for outdoor learning, different types of shades (including frame with climbing plants). First floor windows are enlarged and extended to the floor around the courtyard to allow direct access outside.
New multifunctional big steps are added to improve overall logistics and interaction. The opening of the canteen space allows for a wide range of uses and also serves as an informal meeting and performance space.

In the makerspace traditional handcrafts are combined with new digital tools. In this way, young people get practical experience with new technologies and innovative processes. Makerspace provides a flexible environment where learning is made physical by applying science, technology, math and creativity to solve design problems and create new things. Makerspace invites you to work either individually or collaboratively using various high- and low-tech tools and materials. It is a place to learn how to create, invent, prototype, design, explore, discover, code, build, craft, draft, draw and more.