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architects of transformation
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4440 sq. m.
Kharkiv region

The entrance square works as the central element of the garden, thus it is integrated into the school’s circulation. A lot of different ways of sitting such as typology of stairs are established. Stairs are not only tools for transition, but also are objects that attract social gathering. Therefore, entrance square works as a scone that attracts the people.
There is even a new playground and skatepark planned. However, it is also important to have retreats, that is why a calm garden with benches scattered around is created.


The new volume opens up towards the entrance and the inner courtyard. It has a brick and glass facade resembling the heritage of the building. The extension is the centre of the school and serves as a bridge between the recreational and educational wings of the school. On its top floor a new library is established.

The top floor of the central axis solely is allocated to the library. It is a place not only a place for borrowing books, but also serves as a calm area where students can study, read and rest. The shelves and desks are made out of wood, skylights let the light in. After the school the library can be accessible to the public needs, therefore, it can be reached straight from the central staircase.

Corridors give the flow of the building and work as a collaborative passages. With stairs used as stands, benches, tables and inner windows we created a corridor system, which is the base of circulation in the building. The main material here is also wood, this makes the place to feel cosy, there are various options to sit down either alone or in the groups. Students can peek in the classrooms through interior windows. The breaktime is enhanced.