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architects of transformation
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7398 sq. m.
Kryvui Rih region

In front of the main entrance to the school a new public square is taking shape. The green space invites outdoor vendors, market participants and local residents to actively use and make the most of this area. The new entrance volume features a steel structure canopy at the front, creating a more private impression of the front courtyard.


The front courtyard allows children to spend school breaks outdoors more safely and actively, use this space for school events, and foster a closer-knit community. A new schoolyard is designed for outdoor events, fairs and gatherings. A stepped terrace is formed next to the entrance doors, providing access to the building. The courtyard not only creates a cosy outdoor environment, but also connects all the blocks of the building into a coherent building.

A huge amphitheater is formed in the annex leading to the open library on the second floor. The amphitheater gathers school students for conversations. Also, during events, it serves as the main place for the whole community to sit down, watch events or other performances. The glass facade creates a light and spacious space that invites for discussions and collaborations, a space that extends into the adjacent canteen.

The corridors are one of the main spaces where children spend their time between classes, so open and playful areas are created to encourage active communication among students. There are also enclosed spaces designed for individual work, learning in groups and extra-curricular activities.
Additionally, the corridors serve as the primary storage location for children’s personal items, such as outerwear and other belongings, which are kept in lockable lockers.