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4274 sq. m.
Kyiv region

The inner courtyard is a safe, enclosed space for outside social activities. It is surrounded by windows, which ensures that what happens in the courtyard is easily seen by everyone in the school. This transparency encourages social interaction and responsibility, thus creating a safe environment where everything and everyone is visible.


The new entrance creates a gathering space in front of the school, where students and local residents can hold events and connect with each other. Thus, school is connected to the rest of the town and a new public center is created.

The corridor is no longer just a space to pass through. Window sills are lowered in order to create accessible tables and amphitheaters. Here the students can sit down, chat and study before the exam or grab something from their own personal lockers. Walking through the school, children can observe what’s going on in the classrooms through the many glass doors that connect the two spaces.

The event hall extension is a flexible space, which can be used for events, but also acts as an indoor gathering space for the school community when no occasion is taking place. The event hall and the courtyard can become one space.