building area
architects of transformation
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3002 sq. m.
Zaporizhya region

It is optimised for on foot access. The whole area is transformed with contemporary design. It is suitable for outdoor events and can be a hotspot of Zaporizhzhia.


Benches and outdoor classrooms complement the beautiful grove around the school. The green areas and trees provide a variety of meeting and resting places.

The heart of the building is the new assembly hall, which is located in the extension of the school. This enlargement of the building is a wooden and glass membrane that hosts not only the assembly hall, but it connects the airspace of the higher levels and opens interior balconies and corridors to the focal point of the school. The new internal transport is clear, transparency between the premises increases safety and feeds curiosity.

The two halves are connected with the enlargement of the corridor. Apart from transport, segmented gathering spaces are created. This way the corridors are reformed, students and teachers can interact, wait for classes and relax in front of the classrooms. Built- in furniture systems create seating, tables, stands, chalkboards, etc.