Gilma Teodora Gylytė

believes in common gathering spaces as catalysing spaces for open society

Eglė Kliučinskaitė

believes that raising self-awareness of the environment we are living in will contribute to social generosity

Vadim Babij

believes in importance of sharing the voices of local Ukrainians fighting for change

Karolis Žukauskas

believes that the power of words can change people’s habits, cities, and countries

Edgar Vladimirenko

believes that the exchange of professional knowledge can be a powerful tool for (mental) transformation



Laura Kairienė
Chief Architect of Vilnius
Justina Narauskienė

believes that ambition and focus can help to achieve the impossible

Gilma Teodora Gylytė is a driving force in human-oriented architecture and an influential voice of a new generation of architects in Lithuania. In 2013, after professional practice in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany, Gilma co-founded the leading, award-winning DO ARCHITECTS office. Since 2022, she has been running an initiative called 'Rebuild the Wonderful,' which unites architectural transformation practices in Eastern and Central Europe, aiming to help Ukraine after the war. Gilma is an active member of the Architects’ Chamber of Lithuania and a vigorous internationally acclaimed keynote speaker.

Gilma Teodora Gylytė's practice focuses on humane architecture and the relationship between spatial and social aspects. Therefore, the award at the National Architecture Awards of Lithuania (NAA) 2023 for the reconstruction of the kindergarten "Pelėdžiukas" was significant. The project was selected as the winner in the socio-cultural architecture category.

Furthermore, together with her team, Gilma has already been nominated seven times for Europe's most prestigious Mies van der Rohe Award for Contemporary Architecture and has won six main prizes at the annual Lithuanian Contemporary Architecture Awards.

Eglė Konstancija Ramanauskienė
Development manager

believes that poor development can bury even the best ideas, while great development breathes new life into them, transforming potential into success