The Naugardukas Street-Park is a pilot street project in Vilnius, embodying the vitality and the urban lifestyle of the New Town (Naujamiestis). The New Town is home to a wide range of services required for a well-rounded urban life, except for green public spaces. We proposed an experiment to Vilnius – to transform Naugardukas street from an ordinary, commuter street into a street-park where people want to spend time, use it, and keep coming back.

LocationLithuania, Vilnius
Floor area1,5 km
Year (transformation)? (2020)
Transformation strategyTransformation

First, dense and abundant greenery was planted. Using a mass of shrubs, green street was formed, whilst preserving the old trees additional ones were planned; pots of evergreens were lined up along the facades of the buildings, thus creating private terraces on some sections of the city’s streets.
Secondly, the lives of pedestrians and cyclists were enriched with a variety of spaces: instead of car parks, residents now find street courtyards, specially designed ‘travelling’ pavilions: a street amphitheatre, a street bar, a game ramp, a street bench, and a picnic area. Benches were also integrated into the bushes, pedestrian lighting were installed, the size of the pedestrian crossings were doubled making them prominent and colourful. The new bike lanes have made it easier to reach New Town from the city centre.
Thirdly, to change the perception that only cars can use the car lanes, a market was created! On Sundays, a section of the street is closed to host the Naugardukas Street Market, which has become increasingly popular and is also attracting the neighbors who live in the area!


Being the main street of the neighbourhood, Naugardukas street is a heavily car oriented with a lack of bicycle lanes and racks.

With a places to sit and gather, the street is more friendly for pedestrians; new bike lanes create comfortable connection to the city centre, thus making the street to be perceived as a public space, rather than simply a road.

The street is not seen as a possible gathering space, where residents of the neighbourhood can meet.

The market on Sundays makes the street work as an informal gathering space, friendly for pedestrians.

Due to high speed, pedestrians are not welcomed to stop and enjoy the street, therefore the street is not alive, people are not prone to meet there.

With parklets, street becomes a place for unexpected meetings and new barrier makes drivers be slower and more careful in traffic.

There is no owner of the commonly used space, therefore nobody feels responsible for the outdoor space next to the building.

With a semi-private street terrace of Vinted office, the surrounding is taken care of and is utilised for outdoor gatherings of the office workers.

Due to lack of lightening, urban furniture, proper sidewalk paving and greenery the atmosphere of the street is not welcoming to pass or stop.

With a careful attention to design of the street and its elements, the street feels more safe and lively to spend time in.

Project text provided by the project authors

Pictures by Saulius Žiūra, DO ARCHITECTS, Google StreetView