Rebuild Wonderful Ukraine first international event video

“Rebuild Wonderful Ukraine” project invites all Lithuanian architects, as well as philosophers and media, NGO communities to discuss and form an effective Lithuanian proposal for the reconstruction of Ukrainian cities. Today, the spiritual support of Ukrainians is particularly important, so discussions about the successful and beautiful future of Ukraine are very necessary.


Gilma Teodora Gylytė

DO ARCHITECTS, Rebuild the Wonderful lead.
Vilnius, Lithuania

Gilma is a driving force in human oriented architecture, facilitator of innovative and tremendous changes in Lithuania. She co-founded DO ARCHITECTS in 2013 and is renowned for many creative yet mundane projects. She strongly believes that even largest scale developments shall be designed in human scale. Gilma is an influential voice of a new generation – usual key-note speaker in public debates and lectures, international conferences and cultural institutions, authot of many dedicated articles. Gilma vigorously brings people and organisations together to create positive urban impacts for everyday life. The mastermind of Rebuild The Wonderful project, bringing together people to share post-war urban experiences with the aim to change their future.

Oleg Drozdov

Drozdov & Partners, School of Architecture. 
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Oleg is a Ukrainian architect, artist, and educator. Founder of the architectural bureau Drozdov&Partners and co-founder of the Kharkiv School of Architecture. Oleg knows well what is the role of architects in helping refugees, developing guidelines for post-war Ukrainian cities, what makes Kharkiv a utopian city, and a phenomenal future that awaits Ukraine after the war. Oleg now focuses on helping to solve the humanitarian crisis—how to build temporary shelters, interior partitions, and furniture for refugees. And he is already thinking about what to do with so many damaged structures after the war, how to rebuild and reuse Ukrainian cities.

Mindaugas Pakalnis

Chief architect of Vilnius city.
Vilnius, Lithuania

Mindaugas is a man with a clear urban vision. In his position as Chief City Architect at Vilnius Municipality, he is responsible for the general strategy of the city in terms of architectural, landscape and cultural heritage planning, with a great interest in sustainable mobility issues. Over the past decade Mindaugas has successfully developed the new Master Plan for Vilnius City and executed a number of prestigious projects including the New City Centre on the right bank of river Neris, as well as the Park of Architecture as the city’s biggest brownfield project. 

Viktoras Bachmetjevas

Vilnius, Lithuania

Viktoras is a philosopher with an interest in ethics, especially the intersection of ethics and the philosophy of religion. Viktoras received his M. Phil. in Philosophy from KU Leuven in Belgium before completing his Ph.D. on irony and ethics in Søren Kierkegaard’s thought in his native Lithuania. He has taught philosophy for ten years at various Lithuanian universities. Currently, Viktoras’ research is focused on the philosophical problem of the concept of forgiveness. Outside academia, he has had a career in public communications and served as an advisor to the Lithuanian Minister of Culture.

Dovydas Vitkauskas

SOS Ukraine.
Vilnius, Lithuania

Dovydas has more than 20 years of experience in European institutions and public sector reforms funded by EU. He spent more than 5 years in Ukraine as a Team Leader of projects focused on promotion of good governance, property rights and business climate. He now is Director of SOS Ukraine, an NGO focused on helping the country in the times of unprecedented crisis.